Work those Triceps

Posted on 01 June 2011

Work those Triceps

You walk into the gym and what do you see? Guys in front of the mirror working out their biceps; it seems to be the easiest, pick up the barbell and work-routine, so why not? For the average person, this is probably the most common workout they do – and they neglect the triceps. Don’t forget those triceps! Work em!

Why? Well, one reason – they don’t realize that better looking arms means working both the bicep & the tricep for definition and size. The triceps will show that YOU know how to workout, and will be something everyone will comment on when you are at the beach or pool for men and women. And if you want to make those short sleeves wrap around your arms, you have to work the triceps!

Here are a few exercises you can do to tone up, or grow, your triceps!

1. Pulley Pushdowns
2. Laying Barbell Tricep Extensions
3. Standing Barbell Extensions

Each exercise, if done correctly instead of just to get them done, will provide faster and more obvious results!

So how do you do them?

Depending on what you want to focus on: follow the following routine on reps and sets.

Strength Training: 5 reps per 5 sets (HEAVY WEIGHTS)
Strength and Endurance: 10 reps per 4 sets (MEDIUM WEIGHTS)
Endurance: 15 reps per 3 sets (LIGHTER WEIGHTS)

1. Pulley Pushdowns

Your feet should be shoulder width apart and about a foot behind the handle. Keep your arms as close to the side of your body and bend your arms with palms facing down gripping the handle. Now flex by pushing down on the handle.

2. Laying Barbell Tricep Extensions

Lie on a bench with your head at the edge of the bench and maintain good balance. You will be extending your arms straight up above your head and you must keep your upper arms steady while bending your elbows as you left. Hold the barbell with your two hands wrapped around the handle and slowly bend your elbows without moving your upper arms. Bring it slightly behind your head then back up using only your triceps.

3. Standing Dumbell Extensions

Using a single dumbell, wrap both hands around the dumbell handle. Feet should be shoulder width apart and raise the dumbell over your head and back down behind your head reaching the maximum bend in your arms. Raise it back over your head, again, keeping your upper arms static and vertical to the floor while using only your triceps to do the work.

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