When to Rest

Posted on 27 June 2013

10 Signs you need a Rest Day


A great article on Runners World focuses on key questions (10) on whether you should rest or workout.

This supports a former article here on Overall Fitness and Health titled: “Don’t Kill Yourself… Rest Yourself

Rest is key.

I know several people who train – and train constantly – because they feel they need to put their body through the stress of training in order to become better, badder, tougher… but what’s happening is they aren’t getting any better – they aren’t improving as fast – they aren’t ‘badder or tougher’…

That’s why a personal trainer will assess their client, whether its for weight and fitness, or triathlete, or a fighter – and determine the correct course of action.

Rest, sometimes it’s hard to swallow, is sometimes the recommended workout choice.

Read: “Time to Rest

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