Weight Loss Tips: Replace bad habits with good

Posted on 25 June 2011

Weight Loss Tips

There are two absolute tasks you need to follow if you want to lose weight: Exercise and Eat Right! That being said, there are other tips you can follow to keep you on the road to weight management and these tips will also keep you feeling great! 

Replace bad habits with good

The reason why alot of people find it difficult to lose weight is because they try to ‘stop’ doing things that are unhealthy – but they do not replace it with the same type of habit but with a healthy replacement. Stopping something without replacing that daily routine is tough – so replacing a bad habit with a good one leads to higher success!

Here are a 5 tips on losing weight.

1. Replace that sugar filled beverage!
2. Take smaller bites!
3. Fit in sporadic exercises during the day!
4. Add more weight!
5. Join an exercise class with a friend!

It doesn’t sound like much, but it will take a little bit of effort. The changes in your life is not drastic if you can find a way to replace a daily routine that leads to an unhealthy lifestyle, with one that leads to a health lifestyle!

1. Replace that sugar filled beverage!

Are you drinking Diet soda to lose weight? Although you are avoiding those extra calories with diet drinks, it does not mean you are doing anything good with your body. In fact, the regular soda equivalant to your diet drink my actually be better for you as Diet soda may be more harmful to your overall well being than helpful!

Water is better (related: Diet Soft Drinks vs Water) but water tends to be boring doesn’t it? So here’s an alternative to replace your unheatlhy drink: Herbal Tea!

Diet Soda will stack the pounds onto your body that you are desperately trying to lose. Herbal tea, on the other hand, is healthier, and does your body more good than any soda can!

Some benefits: Cleanses the blood, calms you, helps fight flu symptoms, lowers blood sugar levels and a whole lot more!

Note: You are replacing bad drinks that trick you that they are great for your diet, with other healthy alternatives that are actually working to keep you healthy!

Find a tea that fits your lifestyle and tastes – and drink it daily!

2. Take Smaller Bites

Instead of stuffing your mouth, eat smaller bites, eat slower, and ‘trick’ stomach to think you are full! When you eat fast your body has no time to tell you that you are full! So you’ll keep eating. You’ll get full faster by eating slower – so take smaller bites.

How can you take smaller bites? How can you eat slower? Try chopsticks while you eat! That can really slow you down and you will eventually get fuller faster! Now – try using chopsticks while reading a book, magazine, or the newspaper. The small bites, more pauses during your meal, and the brain stimulation will all work to a healthier ‘you’ and add to your weight management regiment!

Note: You are replacing a mouth full of food with smaller portions: Replace that fork with a pair of chopsticks!

3. Fit in sporadic exercises during the day!

You don’t need a gym, running shoes, or extra time to tone your chest, arms, and core!  Take 5-10 minutes to 3-5 times a day and burn some calories before you even get to the gym!

Pushups, situps, walking the stairs at work instead of the elevator, and even walking faster to the cafeteria or a meeting will get your heart pumping a little faster and burn a few more calories than a leisure walk to a meeting or even just a 1 stop elevator ride to the next floor – you’ll still have to walk down right?

Tricking those muscles to work during off times during the day when they are used to doing nothing at all is a great way to add to your weight loss goals as well as your fitness ones!

Note: You are replacing that daily routine that does nothing to stimulate blood circulation to a brisk walk, stair climb instead of elevator ride, and or pushups instead of standing around the water cooler!

4. Add more weight!

Not fat, but muscle and strength! More often than not, a person will pull dumb bells of the rack because they can ‘handle them’. Well, its time to step it up just a little bit more!

If you know you can handle 5lb dumbells during a fitness class, grab the 8lb dumbells this time and force yourself to work towards failure! Your metabolism increases with more muscle you have. By sticking to the same routine because you can handle it doesn’t add benefit to toning your muscles and getting stronger!

The extra effort you will excert during your workout with a few more pounds of extra weight will burn more calories and stimulate that muscle growth that you aren’t getting because for months – you knew you could handle the weight! So step it up!

Note: Replacing a lower weight dumbell with one a step up will help tone, as well as build a little more muscle and stimulate metabolism in order for you to lose weight faster!

5. Join an exercise class with a friend!

Be accountable to yourself as well as to a friend! And if you don’t have a friend – find one in an exercise class! Schedule your workouts to meet each other! It’s a great way to discuss the struggles in class and laugh about it. It also makes exercise more like ‘fun’ than actual work when you have a buddy or partner to push and encourage you throughout the workout!

This is a huge one! It’s tough to be immediately accountable for your own workout schedule, but if you replace that with being accountable to a friend’s workout – its a huge step in creating that good habit!

Note: Replace your being accountable to just  yourself, to being accountable to a workout buddy!

These 5 weight loss tips are easy to strive for. They are small changes in your instead of those difficult tasks like ‘quitting’ diet soda! Replace it! And replace your unhealthy lifestyle with a healthy one!

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