Train like BJ Penn – Plyometrics

Posted on 15 April 2011

When I saw this video on YouTube I thought to myself – now that’s a tough workout. From improving hand/foot-eye coordination, to power and strength with Plyometric exercises.

As a mixed martial artist, explosive power is important. You have to use this explosive power from awkward positions: from the ground, on all fours, leaning against a cage or ropes, in a prone position, from your knees, etc.

These exercises, as an example, can and will improve strength and power and should be fit into your MMA training!

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BJ Penn has been one of the most important fighters in UFC and MMA history. Not only due to his BJJ skills, but because of his hard work and training it takes to become a champion.

So, do you want to train like a champion? Try these exercises out for size!

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