Thoughts on Running

Posted on 22 April 2013

Thoughts on Running

Someone asked why I like to run? Well, I don’t run to add days to my life. I run to add life to my days. It’s not that I run JUST to stay healthy to be honest. Yes, that’s a big factor. But I just absolutely get addicted to the experience of a run. It’s pure torture, it’s the hardest thing to get started: the first mile is the worst and you have this battle in your brain on whether you should continue or just turn back.

My knees, shins, shoulders, ankle – the byproduct of a long run that, with the recovery, could drive me to just quit all together. But I can’t.

There have been times when I’ve gone out for a 9 mile run or something and turned around and went home before the mile marker. It’s one of the worst feelings to just quit on yourself. So yes, I lose the battle with my head some times. But most of the time, I take that monster down and ground and pound and run longer than intended (which I don’t suggest anyone should do). Run your goals!

So running isn’t just about adding life to my days. No… it’s about that battle I have in my head that literally improves every battle I have in my daily life. If I can overcome the pain of the start of the run and keep on going, it serves me in many other ways and in many other battles: negativity, depression, frustration, anger, stress, dealing with obstacles on the way to any goal or success.

So no – I don’t run to add days to my life- it’s a byproduct to adding LIFE to my days.

Be a runner and see the positive attitude you will give off to the runner you cross paths with on your run. The positive attitude you impress upon your kids when you walk in through the door and they say ‘wow’ after you tell them what you just accomplished. And the added breath of life you have on a daily basis.

Seriously – I walk through the door and my kids would ask – how was your run? And after I describe the distance it they say “wow”. Even if it’s a short 3 mile run.

I see many friends post things like they ran a 5K race, or a marathon, or completed a Triathlon or Ironman event. I say WOW.

Don’t you?

Doesn’t it make you feel good about that person? Feel proud that someone you know accomplished a goal.

The funny thing about accomplishing a goal is that you can do it every single day! And the positiveness of that can influence someone else. Proclaim that you ran a mile today. Or that you ran 2 miles – whatever. Someone may be inspired.

I told my wife a while back that I would say “I hate Running” one last time – because all runners have a love hate relationship with it. There are good days and bad… but the more you say you hate something, the more likely it’s something you will never do.So despite the pain, despite the battle in my head – I love running.

And once I made that proclamation – guess what – I do… I love it.

I’m not sure I’ve ever met a miserable runner. They are full of life.


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