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Run a mile – walk a minute!

Posted on 09 July 2014

LA Half marathon

Steve and Me – LA Half marathon 12-2006


Run a mile – walk a minute!

I came across a great article on how to walk while you run. Does that make sense? Well, what I mean is – sometimes it’s good to walk during training. You can become faster, you’ll get some rest and gain more energy, and you’ll complete the race.

Here’s the article:  “Walk Breaks for faster running

When I ran my first half-marathon I completed it in 2:24:44. And it was faster than projected. My goal wasn’t to go out there at blistering speed – it was to first, complete it and second, set a base for future halfs.

That’s an 11:02 pace!

I ran a mile – walked a minute.

An 11:02 pace was 1 minute faster than my training pace for the half!

It was all do to my plan to run a mile and walk a minute. And it was one of the easiest runs at that distance that I ever did!

Try it.


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