Partner Pushups

Posted on 29 April 2011

Here’s a great idea for pushups – get a partner and pump out 41 pushups each – with a slight twist. Work on your core while ‘resting’ so-to-speak, and pump out a fat-burning, muscle building workout that might seem easy – but is a real challenge!

Also, learn a trick to flatten your stomach while driving: [Click Here]

The above video is a ‘somewhat’ great example of Partner pushups. Unfortunately, the two demonstrating aren’t really doing all the pushups they ‘look’ like they are doing. See if you know what I mean.

Here’s how to do it.

First: Partner up!

The first person does 6 pushups then holds a pushup position as the second person does 6 of their own pushups. When the second person finishes their 6, the first person does 5 and you repeat the process going down.

Hence: 6-5-4-3-2 & 1…

After you hit 1, first person does two, holds the position, second does two and holds.

Repeat going up! 2-3-4-5 & finally 6!

This is a great workout – you are resting in between each rep but still, working on your core by holding the pushup position!

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