MMA Workouts

Posted on 16 February 2011

MMA Workouts


Train like the UFC fighters train!

It’s simple, but not easy, but its a whole lot of fun! Finding a gym near you to get into MMA shape or in “Fight Shape” is as easy as going to and typing in the city you are in.

If you want to do an MMA Workout, its also very simple – you may be able to even do this at home.

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Here’s an hour workout session you can fit into your weekly routine.

1. Warmups (15 minutes) – It’s important to warm up, get loose, relax, and get the heart going!
Jog, shuffles, footwork, jump rope, any type of calisthenics to sustain 15 minutes of warmups: anything to get you warmed up and ready for your MMA Workout.

2. Focus on a body part (15 minutes) – Here’s where the workout changes from day to day. Focus on a specific body part you want to build, get stronger, or grow. For instance: legs: Bulgarian split squats, lunges, squats, etc. Find a routine that focuses all on legs and use it. Here are two excellent leg workouts: “Killer Leg Workout” and “Legs like GSP“. These two leg workout videos are more than enough for a leg workout – and you will feel it!

3. Technique (15 minutes) – Get up and shadow box. Work on technique. Strive to be precise, relax. This is where the bag, MMA or Boxing gloves come into play. At Old Town Fight Club they do a 6×30 second bag workout that consists of 6 sets of routines for 30 seconds each for a total of 3 minutes (simulating a 3 minute round). With 30 second rests in between rounds, do these 6 sets for 3-5 rounds and simulate a fight. For advanced students do a 5×1 min routine.

Here is an example of a 6×30 second workout.
– Light Bag work (30 sec)
– High Knees with a “1-2” punch combo on the bag (30 sec)
– Power Punches on the bag (30 sec)
– Crunches: get a grappling bag into your full guard and crunch while elbowing on the way up and on the way down (30 sec)
– Ground and Pound: Roll over and ground and pound your grappling bag. (30 sec)
– Get back up and finish off with as many “1-2” punch combinations as you can on the bag. Go all out! (30 sec)

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This simulates a 3 minute round of fighting and it is sure to get your endurance level up and your heart rate going!

4. Finish up with a cool down and stretching (15 min) – Core workout is important here – tons of situps, hold planks for 4 minutes, and slow down the heart while working hard on your core!

These are excellent activities that simulate an MMA workout by the best fighters out there! They aren’t always hitting each other – sometimes they focus on things other than a punch to the face!

If you want more information, contact Glenn Magas, an Instructor Old Town Fight Club, Monrovia who teaches a Hybrid of Okinawa-Te & MMA or Hybrid Te MMA called, “HoTMMA”. Contact:

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