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Posted on 20 February 2011




From your living room to the gym: you can burn those calories every single day with a $10 piece of rope and some good running shoes.

Here’s how:

Buy a jump rope and jump for life!

Before we get into the hard cold facts, here’s what you need:

It’s best that you jump rope with a good pair of shoes. This will protect your feet – much like a runner would. The most important thing to protect is what you are using – your feet. So if a serious runner wants to run faster and longer, they take care of their feet with a good pair of running shoes. This is their equipment.

Now, if you are serious about your health and want to jump faster, and longer, get a good pair of running shoes. No, it is not absolutely necessary, jumping bare feet is fine, but whacking your bare feet with a leather jump rope is not a pleasant feeling.

Next – a jump roper’s most important piece of equipment is – a jump rope!!!

You can find a $5 jump rope or a $50 jump rope. It really doesn’t matter really, but if you want quality and the quality you buy motivates you to actually use your jump rope, here are some fine choices: “Best Jump Ropes“. These selected jump ropes range from about $7-$20. Not much of an investment once your read the facts about jump roping below.

The key to a good jump rope: Smooth, balanced, and made to last!

Now, here is a fact you may have never known about this ‘kiddie’ game we used to do in grade school.

-Jumping rope can burn 10-20 calories a minute. 10 Calories if you are doing an easy routine, and 20 calories for a more advanced jump roper that spins the rope at an intense pace.

A 20 jump rope routine can burn 200 calories!

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The basic ‘technique’ for jumping rope is simple:

Jump up and down with your two feet, keep your elbows in, and think about turning the rope with your hands.

The YouTube video above will show all the beginners how to jump rope effectively and properly in order to burn those calories you put on after eating a candy bar.

Try it – a couple of weeks of jump roping you’ll feel like you’ll have a new lease on life – or at least a new rope on life if you know what I mean!

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