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Posted on 18 April 2013

2006 LA Triathlon Memories (The Waves)


Fitness by Glenn
Personal Training Log 

Keep running running running…

…paraphrased saying from Dorie “Finding Nemo”. That’s what I keep telling myself.

I told my wife the other day – I am going to say “I hate running” for the last time. And that was the last day I made that statement.

I’m like everyone else – it’s tough to get the shoes on and go for a workout. Even when you love it sometimes. It’s just hard. Work is hard. Achieving goals are hard. Improving yourself takes work.

But… after realizing my sporadic one mile runs wasn’t keeping me fit. It was actually – preventing me from maintaining my fitness level in a big way.

Outside of Paintball on Sundays, a quick run after work was all I had – and it was once or twice a week and more the former than the latter.

So I decided to challenge myself and instead of a one-miler – I’d run a minimum of a 5K from now on.

The first one was incredibly difficult: 40 minutes.

The next one was a bit more comfortable: 35 minutes.

The third one in 10 days was tense but better: 34 minutes.

It keeps getting better with a 5K goal of 24 minutes.

My Personal Bests are as follows:
Marathon:  26.2 miles 5:54:41 (Goal:  < 4:30)
Half Marathon: 13.1 miles 2:24:43 (Goal: 2:00)
10K 51:46 (Goal: 0:48:00)
5K 25:13 (Goal: 0:24:00)

I have alot of work ahead. I’m thinking of doing the LA Triathlon on October 13, 2013. (Herbalife LA Triathlon)

This means more time on the bike – and more time in the ocean.

Speaking of which, this is how the waves looked the last time I did the LA Triathlon:

Before my late over 40s start, I moped around the water and let the fear fester inside. I was really really really really considering of just quitting the race – before even starting.

I wanted to call my wife. Hear the kid’s voice. I really thought there was a possibility of dyeing.

So before I got in the water – I found where the lifeguards were and swam as close to them as possible.

At one point, as I came up from diving under those 20+ foot waves, a lifeguard was next to me on his surfboard asking if I was okay. Thank God for Lifeguards.

As I got past the waves I wish there was land I could stand up on just for one reason – to jump for joy.

The rest… although slow… was the funnest race I ever did and I want to experience it again. (The LA Triathlon that is).

So I’m “Officially” back.

Everything I hate to do will be love.

Everything I’m unmotivated to do will be driven by the very thought of living life to its fullest.

Everything I think I “can’t” do – well – if you know me – CAN’T is NOT in my vocabulary (so-to-speak of course).

So I’ll keep running, running, running…

Follow me on my training as I use this platform as a Training Log to my overall fitness and health.

Diet – man – that’s the biggest challenge of my life! (so-to-speak of course).

Glenn (aka: The TriathleteNut)

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