Energy Drinks – Do they make you fat?

Posted on 25 May 2011

Energy Drinks – Do they help you or do they make you fat?

Okay, here’s a common misconception: Caffine gives you energy! WRONG! Calories provide the energy, caffeine wakes you up while stmulating your nervous system! And if you are a regular coffee drinker, or drink cafineated beverages, using coffee or caffine soda is probably not going to benefit you in anyway because you are already addicted to it.

To really understand the truth of the Energy Drink, read this article: “Energy Drinks – Do energy drinks help you?”

A stimulated nervous system does not mean Energy! But the real question is:

Are energy drinks good for you? Do they really provide ‘energy’? Does it help you lose weight because now you have energy to burn off the fat?

Believe me, you’ll be surprised on what Energy Drinks do and find out a recipe for home-made energy drinks.

Read this article: “Do Energy Drinks Help you? & How to make a Home Made Energy Drink

It’s easy, fun, and costs a whole lot less than a Monster Energy Drink or Redbull! It’s also healthier than those chemical-laden energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull.

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