Don’t Kill Yourself… Rest Yourself

Posted on 08 November 2012

Resting is the X-Factor in training for top performance, whether its to get in better shape, or to train for endurance sport like a Triathlon.

Throwing up your lunch, feeling like you might feint, gasping for air and bending over with your hands on  your knees  because you are so exhausted is your central nervous system saying that something is wrong.

The hard work you just committed your body to might be too much work, and instead of taking a day off, you might need more. And if you ignore that day off, it might be a week of setbacks before you are back on the right track.

I have seen too many people push themselves to the limit, come back the next day and do it again, and a month later they are sick in bed. Their body was put to the test, and although they might think this is needed in order to withstand a challenging race, fight, or a fast way to lose weight and get fit, it’s actually doing the opposite.

If your body adapts quickly to the breakdown of rigorous exercise and training, you will improve everything with more efficiency and more effectiveness. But if you continue to push it to the limit, and you are doing it constantly without recovery, your body isn’t getting pushed to the limit because its only going as far as it can go while you are exhausted – and that’s lower than your limits!

Think about that for a second.

If you run a hard 10 mile run today, and tomorrow you are sore – and go out and run a 10 mile run again, are you pushing the limits? Or are you limiting yourself from your limits. On day 3, after going hard for 2 days, your body might say that’s enough and limit you again. You’ve hit your threshold, and you’re not even coming close to it anymore.  Keep this up, and it’s disaster.

Rather, do a hard 10 mile run today, recover the next with lighter exercise and recover, and guess what – 3rd day you can push the limit 10% more.

In the first scenario, you are breaking your body down, constantly, and not letting it recover in order for you to set a higher level of performance. A week later, you aren’t any better than if you focused on the second scenario.

Break your body down, rest, build it up, then break it down again.

Better long term growth and performance – without throwing up!

Here’s a document on the same concept for Ultimate MMA Training.

The ultimate training program requires rest as part of the curriculum. Without rest, you will never improve.

If you are serious about working hard, that’s fine – but you also have to be serious about recovery in order to continue to improve yourself.


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