Do you want to work out like a top Mixed Martial Artist?

Posted on 08 March 2011

Eric Wong’s book, “Ultimate MMA Strength and Conditioning” is essential to read, and preach to your students as well as fit in to your own workout routine.

Eric’s Crazy Eights are an excellent way to build endurance: its not all about lifting weights and being bigger than the other fighter – its about core strength, endurance, and ‘the right’ weights to lift in order to maximize your potential in the Octagon or fight ring!

Here is a sample of Eric Wong’s Crazy Eights:

Crazy 8’s Beginner Bodyweight Circuit

1) Bulgarian split squat (8 per side 2 – 5 sets)
2) Pushup (knees) (8 reps 2 – 5 sets)
3) Side bridge (knees) (Hold for 8 sec per side 2 – 5 sets)
4) Prisoner squat (8 reps 2 – 5 sets)
5) Inverted row (bent-knees) (8 reps  2 – 5 sets)
6) Woodchop (8 per side 2 – 5 sets)
7) Hip extensions (8 reps 2 – 5 sets)
8) Prone bridge (Hold for 8 sec 2-5 sets)

Try it – its a great, slow paced, but endurance focused workout!

To get more details and to be at top shape as an MMA fighter or just to get into tip top shape using incredible techniques; from resistance training to Medicine Ball Training, you must read Eric Wong’s book: Ultimate Strength & Conditioning.

Get it here: (Ultimate Strength & Conditioning)

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