Do you want to find your six pack abs?

Posted on 30 January 2011

Link to video: (YouTube)

The above is a simple ab workout, that if done correctly will net great results. Watching what you eat is key – its not just what you do in the gym!

Do you want to find your six pack abs?

I say ‘find’ because there are many people out there that workout, have a strong core, but look into the mirror and think all that work is for nothing.

They see: Love handles, beer belly – fat!  Is this you?

Here’s what I tell all the fighters that I train – watch what you eat.

It sounds simple doesn’t it? As a martial artist and a fight trainer, an education in nutrition or being NASM certified isn’t needed to tell someone who wants to get in shape! It’s a simple fact – eat healthier and you’ll look and feel healthier. If you are in the gym, that’s a start, but watching your caloric intake and eating right will lead to successful six pack abs!

You may have those six pack abs already? They just may be hiding behind the fat! Eating right with the right exercises will help you find your six pack abs!

Keep Training! Stay Motivated! Fight for Life!

By Glenn Magas
(about the author: Glenn Magas is a black belt in Okinawa-Te Karate with more than 25 years in the Martial Arts, and is currently an MMA Fitness trainer at Old Town Fight Club, and teaches “Fight Shape & The Art of Striking” classes within his system: “Hybrid Okinawa-Te MMA”. For more info on Hybrid Okinawa-Te MMA please email:

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