Benefits of MMA Strength & Conditioning

Posted on 20 June 2012

Are you bored with the traditional training that requires you to figure out how much weight to lift, how many miles to run on a treadmill, or if you are doing an exercise that will help you lose weight or bulk you up? Are you tired of walking out of the house and into the local 24hr (which isn’t really 24hrs, or Family Fitness, that isn’t catered to the whole family) and trying to get fit but seeing no results?

Well, that’s where you can have tons of fun PLUS add learn life long skills PLUS get fit at the same time.

MMA Strength & Conditioning isn’t just for the UFC fighter or Mixed Martial Artist! It is for anyone who wants to get in shape in a non-traditional manner and to see what its like to train like a Mixed Martial Artist.

You’ve seen them on TV – you’ve seen them on the news – MMA Fighters are in tip-top shape. And they are in all around shape! They don’t just focus on one thing – they focus on EVERYTHING.

The 7 Primal Movements of a human are:
1. Pushing
2. Pulling
3. Squatting
4. Lunging
5. Twisting
6. Bending
7. Walking

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Each movement is the focus on building the muscle groups, flexibility, and coordination to do all 7! And MMA fighters need to always improve all of these movements in a mixed martial arts fight.

That being said – MMA Strength & Conditioning will work the major muscle groups, which in turn makes you stronger, more flexible, and coordinated, plus help you lose weight due to this all body workout.

And that’s what MMA Strength & Conditioning is all about.

A full body workout!

NESTA, the National Exercise & Sports Training Association, provides a certification program for MMA coaches. These MMA coaches are trained to properly incorporate MMA Strength and Conditioning into their (or a gym’s) training program. They provide the right tools to provide expert training in order to do things efficiently and effectively when training a fighter, or a health enthusaist who will never step into a ring or octogon!

Fing a gym that offers MMA training. Make sure you find one with a certified coach. Bring your “B” game – and before you know it – you’ll be on your “A” game, you’ll go through a program like the top fighters of the world, you’ll be stronger, faster, more coordinated and you just might be able to throw a punch or two when you’re done!

If you are in the Los Angeles area…


Get trained by a Certified MMA Conditioing Coach at OTFC in Monrovia, CA


Train to be a top level MMA athlete or, if you are a fitness enthusiast who just wants to train like an MMA champion, visit Old Town Fight Club, Monrovia and schedule a one-on-one with a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach! You will learn the training principles of an MMA athlete and easily apply them to your personal fitness goals through an intense and effective MMA workout.

Learn the best tactics & strategies for explosive power, strength & endurance by our Certified MMA Conditioning Coach – or try an MMA Fight Shape Fitness class with others interested in unconventional, yet fun, effective and safe Fitness class geared for Mixed Martial Artists and health care enthusiasts!

Work one-on-one with our MMA Conditioning Coach where you will recieve a personal assessment and a unique individualized MMA Training Program based on your health and fitness goals. This could mean a fight you want to peak for, or a 5k race or even a Triathlon. Or… train like an MMA Athlete just to get in shape: Fight Shape as we like to say at OTFC.

Call now and schedule your one-on-one with Glenn Magas, OTFC’s MMA Conditioning Coach, today!

Glenn Magas holds two Black Belts: Okinawa-Te Karate & Armas de Mano (Filipino Martial Arts). He is a Mixed Martial Artist, MMA Fight Shape Fitness instructor, and a Certified MMA Conditioning Coach (MMA CC).

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