Overall Fitness and Health is dedicated to provide information for those who want a healthy lifestyle. Overall Fitness & Health caters to the indivdual is is looking for a way to get fit and stay fit! A healthy lifestyle is key to a successful life.

Overall Fitness and  Health also shares ways to get fit in both a traditional and in unconventional yet fun fitness techniques. From walking, to Triathlon Training. From resistance training to Mixed Martial Arts training and Self-Defense.

If you are looking for information on being at the top of your game, or just to maintain a healthy lifestyle, Overall Fitness and Health is on the web for you to find out how!

Overall Fitness and Health’s Fitness expert is Glenn Magas MMA CC.

Glenn Magas is a NESTA Certified MMA Conditioning Coach and is part of the MMA Coaching Alliance. He is a Triathlete, Currently training for a certificate as a Heart Rate Performance Specialist, he is a Black Belt in Okinawa-Te & Armas de Mano (filipino martial arts), and is the former head MMA Strength, Conditioning, & Fight Coach at Old Town Fight Club in Monrovia, CA.

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